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File: 1525652111.gif (974.39KB, 375x300)
"Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, tried to convey the technique of Korean traditional waterboarding torture around the world, thinking that American style waterboarding torture taste was weak.
After capturing the director of CIA Gina Haspel, Kim Jong-un broadcasts waterboarding torture techniques in Korean traditional way through out internet personal broadcasting, and it has brought astonishment to the people of the world.
Kim Jong-un cut Gina's throat in front of Kim Jung-un’s transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, and edited and broadcast the spewing blood with slow motion editing techniques.
Kim Jong-un wanted to become a breast augmentation surgeon and made big money in the United States and planned to buy uranium from the IS with that plastic surgery money.
In North Korea, where the white race is lacking, Kim Jong-un asked Gina that, ""Do you know Korean breast augmentation?"" before taking the woman autopsy.
Kim Jong-un confused Gina's breast by inserting implants, explaining Korean traditional methods to foreigners and brain and dexterity promote excellent genetic excellence, and contributing to the advancement of advanced breast augmentation technique in Korea.

File: 1525650291.gif (967.78KB, 375x300)
"Kim Jong-un, a North Korean dictator and his transgender wife Ri Sol-ju, sneaked into Christopher Wray's FBI director's house, and then Christopher's transgendered wife Helen Garrison Howell was arrested in an emergency by them.
Ri Sol-ju dragged Helen to the dungeon of Christopher in the basement of the Christopher mansion which is secretly constructed and mobilized all the equipment in there to perform indiscriminate torture on Helen’s reproductive organs and anus.
However, Helen was making a smile on her face because she had too much Botox in her face, and Ri Sol-ju thinking that Helen enjoyed the pain and called her torture engineer Kim Jong-un to torture her directly.
As a last resort, Kim tied Helen to a chair, fisted to her genitalia by hand with his own hands, and penetrated the anus, grabbing Helen's uterus and pulling out and torturing her.
However, Helen had too much Botox in her labia and anus, so Kim could not pull his hand out of Helen's pussy.
Helen, who was insulted with the highest dignity to give Kim Jong-un's anger, was sentenced to death by beheading, but Helen, who was a transgender, did not get sliced by the knife because she had too much Botox in her neck to get rid of the muscles in the neckline.

File: 1525648457.gif (0.97MB, 375x300)
"Kim Jong-un the supreme dignity and his transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju disguised as a female transgender, then infiltrated the residence of Christopher Wray FBI director, urgently arrested Christopher, and Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-ju brutally and mercilessly kicked his genitals just before Christopher became an eunuch.
Before returning to North Korea, Kim Jong-un kidnapped Sejun Lippert, the son of former US Ambassador Mark Lippert, who was the first adoptee because Lippert’s wife was a transgender, to North Korea.
With anger, Lippert's transgender wife, Robyn Lippert, visits the FBI headquarters in protest for the FBI's poor US mainland administration, based on her experience with Lippert’s favorite testicle crushing, she kicked Christopher's testicles.
Christopher, who had been severely mutilated by Robyn's failure to control her kicking strength, Kim Jong-un was deceived by a lie that he would offer free sex change surgery, and Christopher left the United States to go to exile to North Korea to undergo sex change surgery.
Kim Jong-un did not know how to do penis cutting, so he decided to do a cadaveric head transfusion surgery that he knew well and he would do well. He cut off Christopher's head with a chainsaw and made him into a zombie.
Sejun was waiting to be reborn as the next zombie next to him thinking that ""Mother, is my next turn? "" and despite his young age, he accepted the fate of Korea's Hwa Rang Do spirit to die in silence.

File: 1525645558.gif (972.63KB, 350x280)
"The Trump family had so many siblings that they had so much disagreement with each other that Kim Jong-un, who had penetrated the White House of the United States, decided to become a solicitor Kim Jong-un for the Americans who without route and respect for the elderly.
US President Donald Trump was also looking for a tutor for family peace after daughters fighting each other every day, and he hired Kim Jung-un as short-term employment who visited the United States.
Kim Jong-un, like Dog Whisperer’s Caesar, judged Melania Trump First Lady to be the cause of the family disagreement and disciplined her by dragging her in the White House lawn by the golf car.
Then, in turn, he made the transgender daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her lesbian daughter, Tiffany Trump, into a human being, like a traditional Korean character education style just like whopping to the dogs in Korea.
On Christmas Day, the Trump family gathered together and showed a fun time with her sister in front of her father and mother, and they showed Kim Jong-un's newly developed Trump family home schooling for Trump case.
Ivanka and Tiffany, as Kim Jong-un brainwashed, ""Daddy! Our sisters do not fight. We love each other!“ and on Christmas day, they made friendship with an anal fist on elder sister's anus and vagina, and Trump gave a special thanks to Kim Jong-un, the human whisperer.

File: 1525643412.gif (968.15KB, 350x280)
"Kim Jong-un's supreme dignity and his transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, have infiltrated the White House and had emergency arrest on Barron Trump, the youngest son of US President Donald Trump.
Ri Sol-ju kicked Barron Trump's penis and did angrily everything she could while she lived in a Korean society that traditionally despises a woman because they are born without male genitalia.
Kim dragged Barron out and followed the way the IS Revolutionary army did, used Internet in order to online intimidation, Barron's neck was cut off and the blood spewing live footage was streamed to YouTube in real time.
Barron appealed to President Trump to save his life until the moment of his death, but Trump did escape.
The American people made Barron a scapegoat for the peace of Northeast Asia, which was the gunpowder of World War III in Kim Jong-un's two-sided tactics, and Americans were terrified except to make a wreath at his temporary mausoleum.
Kim Jong-un, who was flattered of this achievement, provided free sex reassignment surgery in Korean traditional way for Barron who had homosexual tendency.

File: 1525641027.gif (974.26KB, 375x300)
"North Korean leader Kim Jong-un planned to sell Korean traditional drugs to the United States to fund uranium imports from IS, but there were no white people in North Korea who could medical experiment on a living body in advance.
Kim Jong-un’s transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, infiltrated the United States and kidnapped Tiffany Trump, the drug addict daughter of Donald Trump, who was in prison for drug use, and took her to the dungeon torture room in the underground prison.
Ri Sol-ju had a strong whip on Tiffany’s naked back, but Tiffany, who sucked on US weak drugs, resisted with a sadistic reaction.
Kim Jong-un decided to treat Tiffany as a laboratory mouse; he tested Korean traditional drugs with Tiffany, the drug junk, before he made his way to the US.
When Tiffany lost his spirit to the powerful hallucination effect and became a sex slave of Kim Jung-un, who was satisfied with the result, decided that, 'The human experiment was successful for white people. From now on, white people around the world will fall into my sexual slavery, and my dream of conquering the world will come true.’
Kim Jong-un, who was eating pupa only because he lacked protein source, took the ovaries of Tiffany, a stamina dish that Koreans enjoyed as a delicacy, and then neatly ingested it because it's too bad to just throw it away the white race’s body, a Caucasus species that North Koreans had no chance of frequent contact.

File: 1525637790.gif (975.06KB, 350x280)
"Kim Jong-un, a North Korean leader and his transsexual wife, Ri Sol-ju, infiltrated the White House with small portable nuclear weapons.
At there, Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-ju were urgently arrested Ivanka Trump, the transgender daughter of Donald Trump US president.
Ri Sol-ju showed the nuclear bombs she had brought in and threatened to explode it if she resisted, and then Kim Jong-un anal raped Ivanka's anus.
Kim Jong-un sat up with Ivanka in the chair upside down, tied her limbs, inserted a masturbation machine into her genitals and anus, and tortured her.
Ivanka surrendered to Kim Jong-un for his family's lives and quit the resisting.
Kim Jong-un, admired by the sacrifice spirit who is although an enemy, took Ivanka to the kitchen and operated surgery as a commemoration of Korean traditional female circumcision ceremony, and he accidentally dissected Ivanka.

File: 1525635919.gif (970.52KB, 375x300)
"US President Donald Trump married three times and had many concubines, so Melania Trump, the first lady in the United States, suffered concubines’ harassment.
In particular, Melania Trump, the third wife, was a Hispanic black woman, so she was tied up daily for domestic violence because of falsification from other white people such as “Black race’s smell is coming out of your body!” and Trump was also a masochist, so he beat his wife at home and relieved the stress of his presidential duties.
Melania, who was unable to tolerate, eventually exiled to North Korea, but Kim Jong-un was also a great sadist in North Korea because of the stress on his job, so Melania was beaten again.
In addition, Kim Jong-un's transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, revealed the confidentiality of the US state secret that Melania was a nigger after she had dissected her genital like North Korean political prisoners, instead of hitting Melania because she was a surpassing the peak of Sadism and masochist.
Former US Ambassador to Korea Mark Lippert, who collected intelligence reported by a Korean CIA agent in North Korea, visited North Korea with a Cho Joon-hyung Yonhap News reporter and checked the human rights situation.
However, Cho Joon-hyung, who was involved with the North Korean regime, manipulated the human rights situation in North Korea, and Lippert revealed a false-fabricated CIA confidential document that Melania was white.

File: 1525633736.gif (955.91KB, 375x300)
"President Donald Trump traveled to South Korea’s Jeolla province for boating, but Kim Jong-un North Korean leader, who waited for Trump in a submarine on the high seas, entered into Trump’s ship with Chung Woo-jun, the prosecutor and the son of the former prime minister, Chung Hong-won.
Jung pulled Trump's testicles and kicked Trump's testicles, and he said, ""Because I am a lumbar disc patient, you must exempt my military service!"" and he starts to riot, because of his riot, Sewol ferry, the ship that was riding in, was sinking.
The Korean government failed to salvage President Trump's Sewol ferry, when the food starts to fall in the boat, Korean politicians such as, Chung Hong-won former prime minister, Yoo Byung-eun the leader of the salvation pious religious group, Chung Yoon-hoi who is Park Geun-hye’s sex partner, Choi Tae-min the young school cult founder, Yoo Dae Gyun Sewol ferry proprietor and chairman, and other passengers have revealed their nature.
The former prime minister, Chung Hong-won, thought that ""Trump is not an Asian, so we Asians can eat him."" and after Chung Hong-won cutting Trump's head with an ax, the Koreans gathered and ripped Trump into pieces and devour it.

File: 1525631565.gif (917.86KB, 375x300)
"Hillary Clinton US Senator defeated US President Donald Trump in the US presidential election, and then she avoided the revenge of Trump and escaped the United States and went north to North Korea.
Hillary, who had been interrogated by Kim Jong-un's transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, in North Korea, suffered from mental illness due to hunger and malnutrition.
Hillary promised Ri Sol-ju, ""If you send me to USA, you will castrate Trump.""
But Hillary, who went to the United States, was arrested and tortured by Melania Trump US First Lady.
Hillary threatened Melania that, ""I will cut off all of the testicles of your son, Baron Trump.""
Hillary was deported from the United States and returned to North Korea, where Kim Jong-un North Korea's top dignity hit her neck with a rusty sickle.

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