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File: 1524997494.gif (893.16KB, 360x203)
Free the women...

File: 1524995362.gif (824.72KB, 320x180)
His wife, Helen Garrison Howell is a transgender and sadist.

File: 1524992575.gif (1.28MB, 268x285)
Barron Trump has seduced Kim Jong-un and Barack Obama as an anchor leech, just like gold digger, and President Trump has made a significant contribution to US foreign policy successes by threatening to reveal the secrets of homosexual tendencies of the third world leaders.

File: 1524988995.gif (1.67MB, 800x450)
[Ultimatum] Declaration Terror to CIA Director Gina Haspel

Declaration Terror to CIA Director Gina Haspel
A beautiful Evening is it?
Right this is warning message from Terrorist Attack.
Korea, we're g0ing to re-attack CIA Director Gina Haspel in USA.
So last time, my a5sassinator's mind is too weak to Cut the CIA ambassador Mark Lippert's artery perfectly.
End this time, we @dditionally prepared well trained traditional Cuisine-Professor and kill Her by nuclear poisoning.
Ok? We'll amputate you and all your political comrades slowly but surely one by one, until US army eliminates Bio-Chemical weaons in Korean Peninsular Mother Land.
UltimatuM; 3xects us, our VVIP Archenemy Gina!
LIMFAO, See jeff Soon in your After-Life……
:# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :#
:# H.U.F.S. R.O. 4ourth 4inger :# :#
:# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :#
:# :# :# :# :

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File: 1524989033.gif (2.08MB, 800x450)

File: 1524984823.gif (2.60MB, 720x480)
[Ultimatum] Dear Mr. Christopher Asher Wray and Mrs. Helen Garrison Howell

I'm HUFS student from Seoul, Korea.
How's your FBI family?
I'm sick of my life cause I always mastervating with tranny prons.
One day, I realize that I'm not going to die like this.
I decide to be a famous Korean male in USA history.
Therefore, I am going to anal rape your two children right in front of your face, then I will kill you and your wife Helen.
Is that Okay because asking before do it is much polite I guess.
I think that bitch and your daughter Caroline's asshole are much looser than your son Trip's.
so I need parents permission before feel the white trash anus.
Don't worry about me: I eat lots of Kimchi so free from AIDS.
I eager to penetrate redneck asshole before I killed by Kim Jong-un.

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File: 1524947458.jpg (7.36KB, 113x150)
Welcome To Hot Adult Board
Downlload Full Magazines Photo
Here We Go !!!



Please keep this links.

File: 1524915125.gif (967.18KB, 540x360)
Barron Trump can have sex with First Lady Melania Trump, her mother because she ain't his biological mother.

File: 1524912896.gif (1.12MB, 300x273)
"Donald Trump had sex with Ivanka Trump.
Ivanka Trump gave birth to Donald Trump's child.
The baby's name is Barron Trump.
That's why Barron Trump isn't same race with Melania Trump.

File: 1524908703.jpg (584.03KB, 2272x1704)
"Tiffany Trump drug abuse
> https://pastebin.com/raw/jBfzVrTA
Korea National Intelligence Service Confidential Document Leaked
It is the confidential information from the CIA agents, collected by Epic Shelter program which South Korean Cyber ​​Investigation Division has mandated to install on Samsung Galaxy 9 smartphone.
According to a psychoanalysis report by the South Korean Police Department criminal psychiatrist, US President Donald Trump is in platonic sexual relations with his son Barron Trump.
The homosexual tendency of Baron Trump is a weakness, so in order to intimidate US President Donald Trump; sexy Korean idol male stars should seduce American diplomats.
Tiffany Trump (the youngest daughter of US President Donald Trump) is a drug addict, who attempts to commit suicide unless she regularly receives injections of drugs in secret.
Because of the mental illness of his wife, the daughters are also suffering from mental illness by the genetic influence.
In particular, Ivanka Trump has been suffering from masturbation addiction due to her hysterical personality due to her temper, fraternal conflict, sibling order conflict, and obviously Barron Trump will indulge in homosexuality as he grows up.

File: 1524905730.gif (803.61KB, 400x400)
"Kim Jong-un arrested the FBI and CIA spies and made a child pornography film, Lolita Pornographies, to earn foreign currency for the production increase of nuclear weapons.
Kim Jong-un: Action!
In the Book of Revelation, Kim Jong-un the supreme reader raped Baron and Baron gave birth to Ex-president Obama...
In the Apocalypse of Hell, the son of Kim Jong-un raped the CIA female director and the son of FBI director was born...

#OP. Medusa @USA ^d'ark's'eoul

#OP. Cyber_PearlHarbor_Rhinoceros_Spirit @USA ^d'ark's'eoul

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