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Would you like to operate a board, anon?

File: (83.65KB, 712x960, 1525314212179.jpg)
what happened to biner.xyz
answer my fucking question

i don't want to post on runitchan

and fuck what freech has become
probably crashed, happens a lot

>i don't want to post on runitchan
then don't, everyone else has already left

>freech has become
anarchy is preferable to death. someone recommended I stop fucking around with freech, so I guess if any of the 3 people left care I can put it back to normal.
well im not coming back until you change it back

and you are obvi a discordian, the herd's ideology has always been ancap not anarchism and there is a strong difference

communism and anarchy have the same effect because in either case there is no property/market
this is ancap pussy, ive eliminated the need for moderators by making everyone mods
wrong, it's anarchism

a basic premise of ancap is that people have a right to their property (posts, in this case) and that hierarchies are not necessarily a bad thing

i feel like i also need to say that democratic rulecuckery is still rulecuckery

discord was a mistake
i agree fuck democracy
I appreciate experimentation but that got boring pretty quick. Almost nobody does anything with their power except wipe the board.
File: (428.23KB, 480x640, 347524.png)
got bored of it too after the first couple days tbh
w/e, order has been restored. u can use freech now
File: (133.58KB, 640x480, 93438ac362b2a868188fcaa8e3aa2115d5cb8264ec3d8993f3a520bbec97b1e9.jpg)
He died
He's banging your mom

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