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Would you like to operate a board, anon?

File: (311.48KB, 960x540, Joshua_Moon.jpg)
If you aren't aware, Josh decided to become Chris Chan's manager. He now manage's Chris's email accounts and helps him with finances, to "stop trolls".

Why did Josh become a whiteknight?
Why did Josh paint a huge target on himself?
Why does Josh always fuckup?
Why cant chris say that collosalchan and ultra sonichu fly to the moon and disarm the canon
Btw josh secretly likes the attention
this also
chris chan sex change operation when
wait has chris chan already cut it off

o shit
> helps him with finances
yes, and?
it's Josh's new pay pig
josh is a rulecuck that is preventing content( chris blackmail videos) from being released, or he is just lying
josh already had a huge target on his back

so w/e
more like his forehead
keep one squinty eye on the hood

the other on the taint piercings
i'd rather not. that taint piercing was pretty bad

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