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Would you like to operate a board, anon?

File: (262.88KB, 800x516, 161.jpg)
t. questioner
File: (51.53KB, 184x184, smuggu.png)
It is if you want it to be!
Pay attention to the faggot above if you want to learn something about the internet. It's the perfect example of what I call:


People on the internet have a lot of questions. And people have a lot of responses to those questions. But a surprising amount of the time the responses have nothing to do with the question, and in fact often aggressively do not answer the question.

This is a form of trolling (the thing that russians did to hack our sacred election process). I personally don't enjoy it but the type of mentally stunted retards who populate the netspace are endlessly amused by it, or, failing that, feel the question is beneath them.

As a side note, please pay close attention to the cuckime attached to this users post. Very troubling!
File: (203.28KB, 600x689, within your decision making process.png)
It appears you have made a mistake in your post. Don't worry! This mistake is often among anonymous imageboard posters. This is what I like to call: The Cuckime Obsession. Here we see a poster who has become so much of a babbling retard that anytime he sees QUALITY cuckime posted on his favorite ~~anime~~ imageboards, he finds the need to explode into hysterical tears of anger and buttmad. This particular disease tends to manifest itself in the rare form of neckbeard monstrosity known as the "faggot" but in this particular case it has manifested itself in what we tend to call the "cuckold".

Now then, if you can overcome your disease, you will see that your answer was indeed answered by that poster. It is entirely your decision if you consider the website "32ch.org" to be the "new home of the herd", you see, because the concept of a "new home for the herd" is entirely within one's one decision making process. There can be no one objective "new home", nor can there be an objective "current home", so your original post was quite retarded (a wonder demonstration of your idiocy, please seek the cure within our lord and savior, Madoka, frmo the series "Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika")

Thank you for posting, come again!
File: (2.78MB, 1600x4400, cuckime.jpg)
That there can be no objective "new home of the herd" does not render my question absurd. I am asking you the user (a subject in the subject/object dichotomy) of this board a (subjective) question. You refused to answer my question because you are a gay autist (I do not meant this as an insult but in the literal sense, you are likely a homosexual and almost certainly an autist).

Even worse, you've revealed yourself to be a cuckime shill. Claiming that anime made for little girls/creepy old men is "quality" makes this quite clear to me and everyone else who is bearing witness to our interaction on this board.

In order to redeem yourself you are going to have to list off your five favorite anime, in addition to answering my prior questions. Then I will judge you according to the attached criteria.

File: (86.79KB, 532x528, the sp girl.jpg)
The fact that you need the opinions of other anonymous posters to come to your own conclusions as to the status of the new home of the anonymous community "the herd" is quite silly, and shows that you are incapable of making simple decisions for yourself. I suggest you re-evaluate your mental capabilities. To answer your further statements, I am not gay nor am I an autist (Please be aware, I have had sex with over 400 women, and I am not infected with the faggot disease known as AIDS or HIV, for the heh pill has long protected me from these things)

Additionally, to claim that true masterpieces of the shoujo genre are made for "creepy old men" and "little girls" is quite sad, and it demonstrates again that you have no understanding of true Japanese kino animation. Is this your first day off /tv/? I am truly dissapointed.

1. Chobits, a truly wonderful anime.
2. Clannad
3. Made in Abyss
4. Samurai Champloo
5. Pyscho-Pass
Unlike you I do not keep close tabs on the goings and happenings of the herd, only checking in occasionally. I ask for council and advice as to its current status due to ignorance, rather than stupidity.

I'll repeat that in simpler terms for you, as you seem to have difficulty understanding. If I do not know something, I ask other people a question about it in order to learn. This is natural human behavior, which only seems weird to you because you are an autist (I maintain this).

As to your anime choices...they are less terrible than expected.
1. Excellent show.
2. Same as above, great non-cuckime choice.
3. Likely cuckime.
4. Another very, very good choice.
5. Definitely cuckime.

If I had to diagnose your problem, as an expert in the field, I would say that you turn to cuckime due to your inability to seperate from anime as a medium. That is, you've seen the good stuff and, lacking any alternative, turn to cuckime as a source of entertainment. This is because you can only enjoy anime, it's style, it's method, it's narrative structures, and it's (a)cultural context.

I might be able to help you with this serious mental issue, but first you will have to admit you need help. Otherwise it is pointless.
Alright then, you have proved yourself as a true intellectual. There is currently a dispute regarding the current home of the herd. There are two primary websites. This one, and another one ran by oyy, called biner.xyz.

I wish you the best on your further anti-cuckime crusades.
I appreciate your candor, and have added the site to my long list of herd offshoots.

I have a few further questions but I will disturb you no longer and figure the answers out on my own. As for the cuckime question, I have given that up.

I am now an influencer on a much higher level than ever before, dealing with much more serious issues than I ever did in the past. I'd prefer to be shitposting on a chan like the good old days but that seems impossible now. It is what it is.
the herd is dead, the only people left are identity faggots who hang out in discord more then imageboards
Yes we've probably discussed this before my friend. It is why I do not post regularly.

I've talked to them on their discord and they are pretty boring tbh, definitely very autistic too. Yozam in particular.

There simply isn't a large enough population of people who want a truly anonymous, free platform for discussion. I mean by far the most popular image board doesn't let you use a proxy and has a terribly obnoxious captcha.

Image boards as a medium are dead. I'd like talking with some of the older /intl/ members but they are mostly gone now I think. I wouldn't blame people for switching to discord except the discordfags were from discord originally, and only later moved to freech.

Whatever the case...I've moved on to more fertile grounds, in a place more rulecucked than anyone could possible imagine. But my message can be spread, and perhaps that's what matters.
raiding is dead too, not just the herd.
Raiding isn't dead it just evolved. Before it involved posing as an SA goon to raid /pol/. Now it's posing as a russian hacker to raid every single mainstream website.
File: (1.16MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20180319_201943.jpg)
no go to biner.xyz its unironically more active
Made in abyss is high anikino/kinome
File: (24.25KB, 1131x1035, 1520137796424.png)
I guess

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