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File: (2.72MB, real-personality-crazy-korean-waifu-shemale-heat-horny-girl-orgasm-masturbate-elect-penis-anus-impotence-blame-gay-sex-change-operation-artificial-pussy-viagra-suppository-pee-hole-ejaculate-tranny-love-twink-dicks-hate-vagina-plastic-surgeon-recall.webm)
"Real personality of crazy Korean WAIFU

M: Fire!
M: Cough... Cough... Why set fire?
M: It's so hot. Almost kill me!

F: Afraid of death?
F: Is it hot for you?
F: I'm in heat!
F: I'm very... so... Horny!
F: I'm your T-girl Waifu!
F: Give me orgasm!
F: Masturbate now!
F: Elect your penis!
F: You liked my anus!

M: I can't!
M: I got impotence!
M: Why blame me?

F: Got impotence?
F: How about coming out?
F: You piece of Gay man!
F: I got sex change operation.
F: Try my artificial pussy.

M: What is this?

F: Viagra suppository.
F: Insert your pee hole,
F: Ejaculate now!

M: Now, you are Tranny?
M: No penis?
M: I love Twink, Pinky penises!

F: Hate my artificial vagina?
F: Plastic surgeon?
F: I want recall.
F: Change me to Shemale.
F: Yes, put my penis back.

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