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File: (640.99KB, 1200x2253, httparchive.is26Dlb.png)
'From : Mr. Lifee Iss Crazzyy, Jr.', 'Email : [email protected]', 'Phone : 82221732062', 'Address : Office of International Summer Session in korean & East Asian Studies 107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea, 130-791, Damascus'
Message : Dear Mr. President Obama and Mrs. First lady Michelle.
I'm HUFS student from Seoul, Korea.
How's your president family?
I'm sick of my life cause I always mastervating with tranny prons.
One day, I realize that I'm not going to die like this.
I decide to be a famous Korean male in USA history.
Therefore, I am going to anal rape your second daughter Natasha.
Is that Okay because asking before do it is much polite I guess.
I think that bitch's asshole is much tighter than Malia Ann.
so I need parents permission before feel the niggar anus.
Don't worry about me: I eat lots of Kimchi so free from AIDS.
I eager to penetrate nigro asshole before I killed by Kim Jung-un.

'From : Dr. Korea Isis One', 'Email : [email protected]', 'Phone : 82221732061', 'Address : Office of International Summer Session in Korean & East Asian Studies 107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea, 130-791, Damascus'
Message : Declaration Terror to Mr. President Obama.
A beautiful Evening is it?
Right this is warning message from Terrorist Attack.
Korea, we're g0ing to re-attack US ambassador Mark Lippert in Seoul.
So last time, my a5sassinator's mind is too weak to Cut the ambassador's artery perfectly.
End this time, we @dditionally prepared well trained traditional Cuisine-Professor and kill Him by nuclear poisoning.
Ok? We'll amputate all your political comrades slowly but surely one by one, until US army eliminates Bio-Chemical weaons in Korean Peninsular Mother Land.
UltimatuM; 3xects us, our VVIP Archenemy Obama!
LIMFAO, See mark Soon in your After-Life……
:# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :# :#
:# H.U.F.S. R.O. 4ourth 4inger :# :#

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