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File: (584.03KB, 2272x1704, Childhood in the Trump Family.jpg)
"Tiffany Trump drug abuse
> https://pastebin.com/raw/jBfzVrTA
Korea National Intelligence Service Confidential Document Leaked
It is the confidential information from the CIA agents, collected by Epic Shelter program which South Korean Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčInvestigation Division has mandated to install on Samsung Galaxy 9 smartphone.
According to a psychoanalysis report by the South Korean Police Department criminal psychiatrist, US President Donald Trump is in platonic sexual relations with his son Barron Trump.
The homosexual tendency of Baron Trump is a weakness, so in order to intimidate US President Donald Trump; sexy Korean idol male stars should seduce American diplomats.
Tiffany Trump (the youngest daughter of US President Donald Trump) is a drug addict, who attempts to commit suicide unless she regularly receives injections of drugs in secret.
Because of the mental illness of his wife, the daughters are also suffering from mental illness by the genetic influence.
In particular, Ivanka Trump has been suffering from masturbation addiction due to her hysterical personality due to her temper, fraternal conflict, sibling order conflict, and obviously Barron Trump will indulge in homosexuality as he grows up.

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