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File: (935.72KB, 375x300, Michelle Obama is a black man.gif)
"Ri Sol-ju, Kim Jong-un the North Korean greatest leader's transgender wife, sneaked into the mansion of President Barack Obama because she was in military service at the North Korean Special Forces.
Ri Sol-ju had tortured Obama alive and living in the living room after an emergency arrest.
Then Kim Jong-un took Obama to the bathroom and raped in his anus.
At that time, Obama told Kim Jong-un that “The genitalia of my wife, Michael Obama (Michelle Obama's nickname called by Barack Obama) who is a transgender, is longer than you Asian motherfucker!""
Kim Jong-un, who has been freaked out, enthusiastically draws Obama to the attic and decides to hang upside down on the ladder, and sentenced to punishment behead and to cut his head.
At the time, Cho Joon-hyung, a Yonhap News reporter who was looking at Obama's genitals at the time of murdering, saw Obama's cut-off head and said, ""I felt like I was the captain of a black slave ship.""

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