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File: (930.86KB, 375x300, Michelle Obama is a tomboy.gif)
"Kim Jong-un, who penetrated Barack Obama's mansion, dragged former US First Lady Michelle Obama to a basement that Obama used secretly as a dungeon.
Kim Jong-un introduced Michelle to Traditional Korean Style Waterboarding.
Michelle, who was pregnant with Obama's third baby by male pregnant surgery, suffered a desperate despair of giving up everything, just as Kim Jong-un tortured her.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kim Jong-un's transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, tried to give pregnant Michelle a traditional seaweed soup, but she could not find Korean seaweed in the US.
Instead, Ri Sol-ju cooked a North Korean traditional monkey-brain hot pot broth with hammering at the skull of Malia Ann Obama, who was urgently arrested, to supplement the pregnant Michelle with the protein with good intentions
Kim Jong-un, who obtained a bachelor's degree in obstetrics and gynecology in Switzerland, performed Korean traditional delivery procedures free of charge, but confused with the human anatomy that he often did, and accidentally killed Obama's third artificial inseminated baby and mother.

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