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File: (932.78KB, 375x300, negro caucasian mixed blood bitch.gif)
"Kim Jong-un, the top ruler of North Korea, has infiltrated the house of former US President Barack Obama and arrested his second daughter, Natasha Obama, for the theft.
Natasha, who had to be adopt because her mother Michelle Obama the former first lady who was a transgender, stole the wallet of Kim Jong-un just like other black girls who always steal something in the Korean market, a stupid Asian who has too small eyes for prevention, so she was arrested by Kim Jong-un and tied her two arms to the ceiling and whipped it like a white master.
Kim Jong-un asked Natasha, ""What did you steal from the White House?"" but Natasha had the right to remain silent.
Kim Jong-un's transgender wife Ri Sol-ju, cut off Natasha’s head but unlike the Japanese sword, the Chinese knife just like other cheap Chinese goods imported into the US and occupying the market did not work, so turned her head around and then put it out to cut and put on the belly of the dead body.
But Natasha was as persistent as a child, still suspicious of Natasha; Kim Jong-un suspected that Natasha had hidden his purse inside her breast implants like a suit jacket pocket.
So Kim Jong-un dissected Natasha for immediate autopsy and stuck his hand into the skin and stumbled across everywhere.

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