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File: (970.52KB, 375x300, Ex-First Lady VS Current First Lady.gif)
"US President Donald Trump married three times and had many concubines, so Melania Trump, the first lady in the United States, suffered concubines’ harassment.
In particular, Melania Trump, the third wife, was a Hispanic black woman, so she was tied up daily for domestic violence because of falsification from other white people such as “Black race’s smell is coming out of your body!” and Trump was also a masochist, so he beat his wife at home and relieved the stress of his presidential duties.
Melania, who was unable to tolerate, eventually exiled to North Korea, but Kim Jong-un was also a great sadist in North Korea because of the stress on his job, so Melania was beaten again.
In addition, Kim Jong-un's transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, revealed the confidentiality of the US state secret that Melania was a nigger after she had dissected her genital like North Korean political prisoners, instead of hitting Melania because she was a surpassing the peak of Sadism and masochist.
Former US Ambassador to Korea Mark Lippert, who collected intelligence reported by a Korean CIA agent in North Korea, visited North Korea with a Cho Joon-hyung Yonhap News reporter and checked the human rights situation.
However, Cho Joon-hyung, who was involved with the North Korean regime, manipulated the human rights situation in North Korea, and Lippert revealed a false-fabricated CIA confidential document that Melania was white.

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