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File: (975.06KB, 350x280, Crazy USA.gif)
"Kim Jong-un, a North Korean leader and his transsexual wife, Ri Sol-ju, infiltrated the White House with small portable nuclear weapons.
At there, Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-ju were urgently arrested Ivanka Trump, the transgender daughter of Donald Trump US president.
Ri Sol-ju showed the nuclear bombs she had brought in and threatened to explode it if she resisted, and then Kim Jong-un anal raped Ivanka's anus.
Kim Jong-un sat up with Ivanka in the chair upside down, tied her limbs, inserted a masturbation machine into her genitals and anus, and tortured her.
Ivanka surrendered to Kim Jong-un for his family's lives and quit the resisting.
Kim Jong-un, admired by the sacrifice spirit who is although an enemy, took Ivanka to the kitchen and operated surgery as a commemoration of Korean traditional female circumcision ceremony, and he accidentally dissected Ivanka.

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