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File: (968.15KB, 350x280, South Korea Wants War.gif)
"Kim Jong-un's supreme dignity and his transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, have infiltrated the White House and had emergency arrest on Barron Trump, the youngest son of US President Donald Trump.
Ri Sol-ju kicked Barron Trump's penis and did angrily everything she could while she lived in a Korean society that traditionally despises a woman because they are born without male genitalia.
Kim dragged Barron out and followed the way the IS Revolutionary army did, used Internet in order to online intimidation, Barron's neck was cut off and the blood spewing live footage was streamed to YouTube in real time.
Barron appealed to President Trump to save his life until the moment of his death, but Trump did escape.
The American people made Barron a scapegoat for the peace of Northeast Asia, which was the gunpowder of World War III in Kim Jong-un's two-sided tactics, and Americans were terrified except to make a wreath at his temporary mausoleum.
Kim Jong-un, who was flattered of this achievement, provided free sex reassignment surgery in Korean traditional way for Barron who had homosexual tendency.

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