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File: (972.63KB, 350x280, Michelle Melania Lesbian Anal Fisting.gif)
"The Trump family had so many siblings that they had so much disagreement with each other that Kim Jong-un, who had penetrated the White House of the United States, decided to become a solicitor Kim Jong-un for the Americans who without route and respect for the elderly.
US President Donald Trump was also looking for a tutor for family peace after daughters fighting each other every day, and he hired Kim Jung-un as short-term employment who visited the United States.
Kim Jong-un, like Dog Whisperer’s Caesar, judged Melania Trump First Lady to be the cause of the family disagreement and disciplined her by dragging her in the White House lawn by the golf car.
Then, in turn, he made the transgender daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her lesbian daughter, Tiffany Trump, into a human being, like a traditional Korean character education style just like whopping to the dogs in Korea.
On Christmas Day, the Trump family gathered together and showed a fun time with her sister in front of her father and mother, and they showed Kim Jong-un's newly developed Trump family home schooling for Trump case.
Ivanka and Tiffany, as Kim Jong-un brainwashed, ""Daddy! Our sisters do not fight. We love each other!“ and on Christmas day, they made friendship with an anal fist on elder sister's anus and vagina, and Trump gave a special thanks to Kim Jong-un, the human whisperer.

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