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File: (0.97MB, 375x300, Park Geun-hye and Chung Hong-won sex affair - Lesbian Fisting.gif)
"Kim Jong-un the supreme dignity and his transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju disguised as a female transgender, then infiltrated the residence of Christopher Wray FBI director, urgently arrested Christopher, and Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-ju brutally and mercilessly kicked his genitals just before Christopher became an eunuch.
Before returning to North Korea, Kim Jong-un kidnapped Sejun Lippert, the son of former US Ambassador Mark Lippert, who was the first adoptee because Lippert’s wife was a transgender, to North Korea.
With anger, Lippert's transgender wife, Robyn Lippert, visits the FBI headquarters in protest for the FBI's poor US mainland administration, based on her experience with Lippert’s favorite testicle crushing, she kicked Christopher's testicles.
Christopher, who had been severely mutilated by Robyn's failure to control her kicking strength, Kim Jong-un was deceived by a lie that he would offer free sex change surgery, and Christopher left the United States to go to exile to North Korea to undergo sex change surgery.
Kim Jong-un did not know how to do penis cutting, so he decided to do a cadaveric head transfusion surgery that he knew well and he would do well. He cut off Christopher's head with a chainsaw and made him into a zombie.
Sejun was waiting to be reborn as the next zombie next to him thinking that ""Mother, is my next turn? "" and despite his young age, he accepted the fate of Korea's Hwa Rang Do spirit to die in silence.

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