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File: (967.78KB, 375x300, Park Geun-hye Michelle - Lesbian Anal Fisting.gif)
"Kim Jong-un, a North Korean dictator and his transgender wife Ri Sol-ju, sneaked into Christopher Wray's FBI director's house, and then Christopher's transgendered wife Helen Garrison Howell was arrested in an emergency by them.
Ri Sol-ju dragged Helen to the dungeon of Christopher in the basement of the Christopher mansion which is secretly constructed and mobilized all the equipment in there to perform indiscriminate torture on Helen’s reproductive organs and anus.
However, Helen was making a smile on her face because she had too much Botox in her face, and Ri Sol-ju thinking that Helen enjoyed the pain and called her torture engineer Kim Jong-un to torture her directly.
As a last resort, Kim tied Helen to a chair, fisted to her genitalia by hand with his own hands, and penetrated the anus, grabbing Helen's uterus and pulling out and torturing her.
However, Helen had too much Botox in her labia and anus, so Kim could not pull his hand out of Helen's pussy.
Helen, who was insulted with the highest dignity to give Kim Jong-un's anger, was sentenced to death by beheading, but Helen, who was a transgender, did not get sliced by the knife because she had too much Botox in her neck to get rid of the muscles in the neckline.

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