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File: (974.39KB, 375x300, Park Geun-hye, Kim Ki-choon, Chung Hong-won, Yoo Byung-eun, Chung Woo-jun Group Sex in the Blue House.gif)
"Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, tried to convey the technique of Korean traditional waterboarding torture around the world, thinking that American style waterboarding torture taste was weak.
After capturing the director of CIA Gina Haspel, Kim Jong-un broadcasts waterboarding torture techniques in Korean traditional way through out internet personal broadcasting, and it has brought astonishment to the people of the world.
Kim Jong-un cut Gina's throat in front of Kim Jung-un’s transgender wife, Ri Sol-ju, and edited and broadcast the spewing blood with slow motion editing techniques.
Kim Jong-un wanted to become a breast augmentation surgeon and made big money in the United States and planned to buy uranium from the IS with that plastic surgery money.
In North Korea, where the white race is lacking, Kim Jong-un asked Gina that, ""Do you know Korean breast augmentation?"" before taking the woman autopsy.
Kim Jong-un confused Gina's breast by inserting implants, explaining Korean traditional methods to foreigners and brain and dexterity promote excellent genetic excellence, and contributing to the advancement of advanced breast augmentation technique in Korea.

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