Board Requesting by Runit - 29/03/2018 11:55

You can now request a board and operate it however you please (within accordance to the Law, of course!)
For more details, see /br/
And we're back. by Runit - 26/03/2018 04:25

An adventure in making things work

I'm not entirely sure why that downtime lasted as long as it did. I setup the TinyIB bunker, and it worked pretty well, surprisingly. Didn't get much traffic, but that's to be expected I suppose. We're 32chan after all. It all started when we encountered a DDoS attack and had to resort to using CloudFlare. The amount of time we were down post-DDoS was extended for longer than it probably should have. After we got CloudFlare set up, which was difficult in itself, we had to attempt getting LynxChan working under CloudFlare. For some reason, CloudFlare messed up cookies, making solving CAPTCHA and logging into the moderator interface impossible on our installation of LynxChan... And this brings us to the next part of our adventure.

An Adventure In CloudFlare Fuckery

After finally getting captcha.js to work by adding a page rule within CloudFlare (big thanks to our buddy Sheklewitz for that -- You're an MVP) we finally managed to get posting to work. This joy was shortlived, however, as we quickly discovered that logging in was still broken. Being frustrated with yet another problem, we just said screw it, and decided to try something new:


While we got further than Kip in installing the software (The engine was compiled, it ran) -- It still didn't quite work, because whenever someone posted, the engine would crash. This seems to be a problem with the thumbnailer. And this brings us to where we are now:

314chan Salvation

Ultimately, we ended up installing 314chan's software Haruko instead of re-installing vichan. So far it's working out pretty good, I just need to figure out how to enable the other JavaScripts that are available to use. Then the site should be in fully working condition.

Thanks again for sticking with 32chan, anyone out there who still posts on it. Working on 32chan is a lot of fun, and I've had a lot of working on it as a project.
I would like to express my most sincere thanks to everyone who has played a part in keeping the community going.
  • Dark0termite
  • Sheklwitz
  • Parely
  • StephenLynx
  • Mega Milk
  • Klezzy

And anyone else I missed. Thanks a bunch!