Global Rules

Below are the rules to

  1. Please remember, we hate rules just as much as you hate them. These rules only exist to keep 32chan online and usable.
  2. You must be of legal age to view adult material in your country, state, or province of residence. This is in accordance with US law.
  3. Do not post anything illegal under the current laws of the United States of America, such as Child Pornography and Bestiality. We follow and comply with the DOST test. When in doubt, we will probably err on the side of caution.
  4. Any violation of these rules or the following rules may result in the following:
    1. Being banned from further access to any part of 32chan, or 32chan as a whole.
Posting Guidelines
  1. Do not flood or spam boards with the same image or series of images. Any content deemed illegal in accordance with the global rules will be dealt with appropriately, also according to the global rules.
  2. All posts and their accompanying images are the sole property of the poster and are not property of the site owner. The owner and staff of 32chan are compliant with all local and United States law and will remove any infringement of said laws with a properly formatted DMCA takedown notice. (This is Required.) If you feel that your intellectual property has been duplicated here without your consent/approval, or any other violation has occurred, contact [email protected] to have it removed.
  3. Do not spam (This means "post several threads, back to back"). This just takes away free speech from other posters, instead of you excersing it