Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's a 32chan?
    • 32chan is an imageboard dedicated to free speech expressed where users can create and run their own board.
  2. Imageboard? What's that?
    • An imageboard is like a forum, with images attached to posts, but without any requirement to sign up, and breach your privacy.
  3. Rules?
    • We have servers in Singapore, but we operate in the US. We have some leeway since we're hosted in the Singapore, but posts should be in accordance with US law. Read more in on the rules
  4. I love imageboard archives! where's yours?
    • We will never have one. Never make one, or use one. Imageboards are made to be pruned, and lost forever. Deal with it, or make local archives.
  5. I'm a developer! Where are your JSON APIs?
    • All boards are listed at boards.json. We also have a posts API, but it currently doesn't display the OP post. This is a major issue, and is currently is currently being looked into.